Back and neck pain is extremely prevalent, and has been shown to be the second most common reason for seeking help from a GP, after the common cold. We will all suffer with it at some point. It is a normal as grey hair and wrinkes. But just because you have, it does not mean that it you will always have it. 

There are many spinal structures that can cause pain and sometimes this pain can refer in to the arms and legs (sciatica). It can be incredibly difficult to establish exactly which structures are responsible. Even with MRI imaging the cause of lower back pain cannot always accurately be diagnosed according to a specific structure. For this reason our physiotherapists are trained in the most up to date techniques and methods of diagnosis according to a pattern of pain classification system. This can involve grouping your signs and symptoms according to what makes you feel better vs what makes you feel worse and, in simple terms, doing more of what makes you feel better! 

To make it a bit more confusing, some cases of chronic lower back pain and sciatica have been shown to continue long after the original cause has cleared.  After a long period of exposure to painful stimuli from back pain, certain areas in the brain become “super sensitive” even to everyday non painful sensations from the previously irritated structures in the back. This tricks the body into recognising these stimuli as painful even when not. You are probably beginning to appreciate that the lower back can be a minefield. This is where the Physiotherapy Team at the JSSC excels, we make the complex, simple. We will guide you through your rehabilitation. Don’t delay contacting us! 

I’ve suffered from discomfort with my neck for sometime...... after consultations with JSSC and manipulation and exercises, my upper back and neck have become much more mobile, flexible and pain free! Thank you Nigel.
— Mrs Ruth Heaven
On Friday 10 February I arrived at your clinic in need of support as I had substantial pain in my lumber region caused by lifting my suitcase clumsily. I was holidaying on Jersey, staying in St Helier. You very kindly gave me advice/direction on how to ease my discomfort to allow me to continue with my holiday. I’m a regular Pilates attendee yet I wasn’t confident I was doing the right stretches to help me on my way. I felt relieved speaking to you and left safe in the knowledge you departed. I bought the hot water bottle you suggested, paracetamols and eased my pain regularly with the stretches you said to concentrate on. Many thanks for being so kind and generous.
— Heather, Aberdeen, Scotland