Is it headache or is it a migraine?  Irrespective of its name, it is often debilitating. Not only does it impact on you, but also your immediate family and friends and most likely your work.

At The JSSCs, we have a special interest in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a migraine and headache disorders. In particular, we focus on the diagnosis and treatment of a neck related headache. Your physiotherapist will be able to assist your diagnosis and migraine or headache source.

Historically any headache that was of a "throbbing" nature was thought to involve the blood vessels within the head was thought to be a "migraine". This has been proven to be unfounded. Any headache that was "not throbbing" was labelled a "tension-type headache", despite there being no evidence of increased tension in the muscles of the scalp or forehead. Researchers have luckily improved our knowledge of headache sources. There are now thought to be over 300 causes of headaches and migraine.

Luckily, most fall into three categories:

  • Neck Headache (Cervicogenic Headache)
  • Tension Type Headache 
  • Migraine

For further information, please contact the clinic and book an appointment with Nigel. 

Nigel went above expectations with sending me information on hypermobility and suggesting a rheumatologist.