We each have an innate amount of flexibility. For those who have hypermobility, it can be advantageous for their sport or hobbies, for e.g. gymnastics or ballet. For some, having this extra movement can lead to generalised muscle and joint pain. 

Physiotherapy intervention can make a real difference through:

  • restoration of normal joint motion, enhancement of joint stability, proprioception and muscle endurance around hypermobile joints 
  • fatigue management and pacing advice 
  • education on modifying repetitive activities, avoiding and managing work-related injuries and ergonomics 
  • joint protection/positional awareness and postural management 
  • advice on sports and exercise 
  • management of related symptoms such as stress incontinence, postural hypotension, hyperventilation, venous insufficiency 
  • advice on behavioural strategies – pacing/coping/pain management 
  • activity and lifestyle modification to improve self-management and function and reduce disability

For further information, please contact the clinic and book an appointment with Nigel. 

Nigel went above expectations with sending me information on hypermobility and suggesting a rheumatologist.
...I’m over the moon to report that the pain and symptoms I initially came to you with have all but disappeared...you’re the only person in Jersey to have sorted out my pain and symptoms and subsequently made me feel I don’t have to give up performing on guitar
— C Le Gresley