Pilates testimonials

The feeling of well- being after the class is fantastic
— Melanie Glendenning

fully recovered and back into training...found the Pilates very beneficial.....I continue to do the exercises and keep my core strength up. Thanks very much for your help in my recovery
— Nick Saunders , Triathlon Performance Solutions

I feel that the level of liaison demonstrated between physiotherapists and instructors gives clients a great deal of confidence and encouragement in their approach to the class
— Ms J Blackwell

We always feel motivated by our classes and my husband, Charles, says the classes have been hugely beneficial to his health
— Charlies and Louise Blampied

adapts the exercises to suit each individual and is always very aware of each clients needs and limitations, which I personally find very reassuring. Since starting Pilates at the beginning of this year I feel that I am in less pain and this has been a big factor in managing my symptoms
— Janet Butel

Motivated me to go further
— Mrs J Campbell

I have now attended three courses, each of six weeks of Pilates with Nigel and have found the classes extremely worthwhile, enjoyable and challenging. I think I am now able to use muscles that I never knew I had. The courses have enabled me to establish greater inner core muscle strength. I had been struggling with severe back pain with a bulging disc in my lower back coupled with excruciating sciatic pain in my legs; the pilates courses were tailored to suit my disability and together with a schedule of physio sessions with Lisa I was able to achieve full mobility over the first 2 courses. I then realised that to maintain good stability and control of important movements within my everyday working environment, I needed to improve my level of pilates. I will continue to attend classes with Nigel for this very reason. All the best and thanks again to you both for my rehab
— Mr M Le Hay
This personalised nature of the classes is what really stands out. The fact the instructor knows of any (existing or prior) injuries and understands relative strengths and weaknesses is the reason I attend vs going somewhere else
— Julia Warrender

The individual attention is great, you feel like your little niggles are being looked after and your weak areas challenged

Sometimes I would hobble into Nigel’s class with a really sore back and after an hour, come out practically skipping
— Mrs P Barette

Her attention to all her students in her classes is outstanding and the extra input she gives is invaluable
— Sarah Kerhoat

..good knowledge of the people in my class and their various physical states. She alters some exercises to suit various different peoples capability. This is important to me
— Craig Armstrong

It’s actually great fun to do the classes, over and above the obvious health benefits. Absolute delight …probably the number one reason why I try to make each session and that I sign up every new season. Her combination of humour, expertise and motivation make the classes brilliant
— Ian

I attend two pilates classes a week, one with JSSC and one at a local leisure centre. The JSSC classes have far less participants and offer more attention to correct positioning, this is because we spend more time on each exercise giving Nigel the opportunity to ensure everyone is doing it correctly. I often find myself correcting a postion in the gym class because I have learnt the correct positioning in the JSSC class, and so now get a lot more from both classes.
— Mrs J Marett

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My instructor has a good sense of humour, is caring, knowledgeable and has such patience; even when she must have told me something 100 times and I still have not got it, she is smiling! The other members of the class are good to be with too, in fact I look forward to my class and my pain levels have improved greatly
— Catherine Schmidt

Relaxed atmosphere yet totally focused and concentrated; a range of levels of challenge are always on offer to suit everyone’s needs” “The standard of my Pilates class is constantly excellent and I am very satisfied with every aspect - I would and have strongly recommended it to friends
— Philippa Le Feuvre

Pilates under supervision of a Physiotherapist is excellent for maintenance of core strength and mobility for the older body/person. I have been to Pilates classes at JSSC for many years and hope to continue for many more years!
— Barbara Cabot
..always remembers the problems that each person has and makes sure that I am doing exercises that won’t aggravate any problems. She is very encouraging and helpful, and will always take time to talk & give advice if I have a question or a problem. I know when I am doing the exercises properly, and that she will correct me and re-position me when I’m not.
— Janet de Ste Croix

Having suffered from sciatica I took up Pilates to see if this would help me avoid the need for an epidural injection and worst case an operation on my lower back to cure my symptoms. After 3 months my symptoms were much relieved and now 6 months later I have returned to full sporting activity. My core strength and flexibility is much improved and even if I do suffer a relapse, which happens occasionally, I recover from it quickly. I have found Pilates to be mentally relaxing yet challenging and would have no hesitation in recommending Nigel’s classes to others. It is important to remember however that Pilates is no secret overnight cure for a bad back and you really only see the true benefits over an extended period of time - but it is worth it!
— Mr J Ramsden