Pre-/Post Op Physiotherapy

At some point in our lives we may require an operation as a result of a sporting injury,  an accident or simply due to normal wear and tear in our joints, ligaments or muscles. Having surgery can be daunting but it can make the world of difference to one’s quality of life.

Hip replacements can give back mobility and independence that would otherwise have been lost; ligament reconstructions can enable a return to sports and hobbies, but it is more than just the surgery that allows this. Without the correct pre- and post-op rehabilitation, the best surgery in the world can end in disappointment as not only will much of the pre-surgery weakness and altered mechanics remain, there will also be additional pain, swelling and compensation as a result of the surgery itself.

In order to the get the desired outcome, all of these factors need to be addressed.

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Pre Op

Clinical evidence and our experience show the benefits of exercising before surgery. One of the clinic’s main specialities is rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery. The physiotherapists at The JSSC are trained and experienced to be able to advise on the most important exercises to do to prepare for surgery.

Post Op

Having the surgery is only half of the battle. Even the simplest of keyhole surgical procedures is still quite a trauma to the human body and should be followed up with a comprehensive rehabilitation programme. Sadly people are not always referred for physiotherapy routinely, with the unrealistic expectation they will get better on their own.

Post-op rehab is essential for recovery and return to normal daily activities. Our experienced physiotherapists will guide and educate you through the process so that together you can maximise your recovery. You will be provided with a step by step management and rehab plan so that you know what to expect and when to expect it.


David has been superb over the last 3 months and instrumental in my recovery after my knee arthroscopy.  Not having had a procedure like this before, I had no idea what to expect but David talked me through it and gave me the support and assistance I needed. He is both sympathetic and also very knowledgeable,  easy to talk too and a pleasure to deal with.... a credit to your business and I shall have no hesitation in recommending either of them in the future.
— A. Redshaw
Once again many thanks for your last session with Ed, you really gave him the confidence to get back to sport, and is now back to pretty much everything! We cannot thank you enough for all the help & support you gave Ed last year after his operation, his recovery really has been excellent.
— Sarah Giles
I was a reluctant patient as previous physio had, in fact, increased my pain. You took the time and carried out research. your patience was wonderful. The outcome was my pain subsided. I am so glad that I was referred to you.
— Millie Horman
I had an accident whilst in the UK and two subsequent operations. When I arrived back in Jersey, I had no consultant here to go to for advice, had never broken a bone before, had no idea what to expect and no-one to turn to for help and advice. However, this all changed …..absolutely amazing, supported me, assisted me, made me understand my situation and when I was having real problems with a rod that had been inserted into my clavicle, she really was the only person I had here to help me and help me she did.
I simply would not have got through what was to me, an extremely difficult time without her. She is kind, considerate and compassionate. She is excellent at what she does and I could not recommend her nor praise her highly enough.
I just really wanted you to know that from my point of view, she has not only helped me to heal physically, but mentally too. I finished my physio yesterday after 6 months and am actually going to miss coming to see her. She is a huge asset to your business and I shall be recommending her to anyone I know that needs an excellent physiotherapist
— A Redshaw