Running Clinic

Do you want to run harder or run longer and stay injury free!

Our dedicated team of physiotherapists are all runners themselves and know the physical demands of the sport.  Each physiotherapist has advanced post graduate training in technical running gait analysis, this includes assessment of running biomechanics, using video analysis and specific running technique coaching. When these elements are combined with a highly targeted strength programme, both research and experience state that it will reduce injury risk and will help produce maximum results- helping you achieve your goals!

I highly recommend The JSSC for any physio needs. Really lovely team, great knowledge & excellent facilities!
— Tom Goom, expert Running Physiotherapist

We offer: 

1. Running Analysis

If you wish to start running or improve your running style, then book a 1 hour appointment with one of our expert physiotherapists. We will take a thorough history, ascertain your goals, asses your strength, flexibility and mobility in key areas before carrying out a video Running Gait Analysis on our treadmill. Using this information we will target the key areas you could improve and will provide you with the right exercises and cues to improve your running efficiency and running economy. 

2. Running Coaching

We can help you structure your training plan specific to your needs and goals, we are on hand to support you through ongoing feedback. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and remain injury free. 

3. Strength & Conditioning (S&C) Classes for Runners: Beginners

You cannot be the best runner just by running alone. By increasing the strength to key areas, our bodies can run harder, longer and faster!

At the JSSC, our S&C programmes are designed with the aims of developing more efficient runners who have a lower injury risk. The scientific benefits of following our S&C for Runners programme include:

  • Reduced injury risk

  • Being able to maintain form at the end of a race

  • Improved running economy (use less fuel at the same speed)

  • Greater levels of speed

  • Stronger & more elastic tendons

  • Improve your power and strength

I would not hesitate to recommend this course for anyone who runs who wants to get a little quicker, stronger or just to prevent any injuries down the line. Thanks to JSSC for getting me back on the road and enjoying my running again!
— Paul Burows

Advanced S&C for Runners Class

Our Advanced strength and conditioning running class was launched in January 2018. It follows a similar format to the beginners class and lasts for 8 weeks. This will be hosted by a combination of Nigel, Kyle and Luke in our newly equipped gym and studio. This class is aimed both at experienced gym users looking for that extra challenge (with expert guidance along the way), as well as those looking to build on from the gains made in the beginners class.

The class will involve heavier weights and more plyometric exercises so greater skill and technical competence is required. As such, a 1:1 assessment is required so that we can ascertain your baseline measurements and ascertain the weights you will be lifting. Be ready to be worked hard and watch as your running efficiency improves!

Cost for the 8 week course (assuming you have completed the Beginners course) £132.

How is it structured?

Firstly, book in for an initial 30 minute 1:1 with one of our physiotherapists, where we will briefly ascertain goals, previous injuries, assess strength and movement. Then,-

  • The class is circuit based with a maximum of nine runners in each class.

  • Each station has exercises that will be progressed when able. Weekly running gait retraining on the treadmill.

  • Classes devised and expertly taught by an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist with Strength & Conditioning qualifications.

  • Education session on how to train smart, debunking myths and how to avoid the training errors

  • Thorough warm up and cool down to aid your training.

What else shall I do?

In the meantime, continue with your running programme and feel how it becomes easier. During your last class, we will evaluate the change in your strength and how you have achieved your running goals.

Costs: 1 x 1:1 plus an 8 week course of classes=£176.

Great! How do I sign up? 

Call the Clinic on 01534 490312 or head to our contact page and book onto our next Strength & Conditioning for Runners Course.

I’m up for it! When and Where?

The Classes run regularly through the week. The course lasts for eight weeks. The classes are hosted in our rehab gym and studio within the Island Medical Centre on Gloucester Street. The class duration is 45-60 minutes.

What do I need to bring?

Your running gear, a bottle of water and a towel. We will provide the rest of the equipment.

We look forward to helping you run harder, run longer and injury free!


Read about Laura from Jersey Girls Run


Nothing beats the achievement of training for a marathon. However there are lots of ways to maximise your training and the following leaflets may help. 

If you are in any doubt regarding an injury, please get a medical opinion. Remember that little niggles now can turn in to nightmares over 26 miles if left untreated.

Ring 490312 to book your session to be the best you can be. Good luck!

Here are some points that you should be considering: 

1. If you have a niggle, get it sorted.

Remember on race day you will run 26 miles so ensure you get the right advice from an experienced Sports Physio. You will be guided through a workable plan which will maximise your recovery for race day. 

2. Taper your running

During the marathon taper, athletes are running less and typically dial back the intensity as well. Often, athletes feel stale the day of the marathon with a significant reduction in both intensity and volume. You will avoid being stale by doing something moderate 5-6 days out from the race. Keep up with your strength and conditioning work as you taper your running. It will help keep you in 'tip top' condition for the day

3. Resist the urge to make up for missed workouts 

Whether due to injury, illness or simply a busy schedule, even the best-laid plans go awry. It’s tempting to try to squeeze in that last workout in the last five days, but this is counterproductive. You won’t see any fitness gains and only risk wearing yourself out before the race.

4. Don’t try anything new

You’ve practiced your race nutrition and equipment in training, so just follow what you found works. Don’t experiment with new foods — even if other athletes are eating them — in the week before the race. Stick with what your body is used to so you don’t get any stomach surprises. 

5. Make an extra effort to get plenty of sleep

While you shouldn’t be attempting any strenuous workouts, focus your energy instead on resting like a champ. You should have a little more time on your hands with less running. Reinvest it in your sleep.

6. Relax

It’s very normal to be nervous as a race nears, but you must always quell any nervous energy and focus on relaxing. Some runners let the anxiety of the race burn up all their mental energy so that by the time they stand on the starting line, their mental reserves are already depleted. As nervous thoughts creep in, acknowledge them and then push them aside and focus on something else.

Final thought…

Remember that you have already built your fitness for the race, so any workout in the last week is about ‘refining' fitness, not building fitness. Rehab exercises from your physio are different of course! Enjoy it, it really is an amazing achievement to run a Marathon

Just wanted to pop you a message to say that I completed my Ironman 70.3 race on Sunday and smashed my original time target! I honestly cannot thank you enough for getting me strong and fit again after twisting my ankle in May to being able to complete the Jersey tri in July and then the Ironman 70.3 just now!
— Emma Bateman