Sports Clinic Testimonials

Just wanted to let you know my new hips and I cycled across the Pyrenees for charity in June. 270 miles from Carcasonne to Barcelona in 4 days across the mountains with over 28,000 feet climbed and with no hip pain at all. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, physically and mentally. Anyway, massive thanks Lisa for your amazing work in my recovery, I’m genuinely very grateful!
— Aaron Chatterley

I have received excellent care at Jersey Sports & Spinal Clinic, which exceeded my expectations.  The treatment and assessments have been first class and made all the difference to my personally and especially in my sporting life of rugby and golf. They are great listeners, practical and give effective advice for dealing with the symptoms.  This unique experience is right up there as one of the best Physiotherapist clinics in Jersey, it has impressed me so much I am happy to continue to refer family, friends and colleagues.Thank you so much your treatments make all the difference.
— A Clarke

The snow was fantastic and I had a great week- thanks in no small part to your assistance regarding my MCL tear.
— Mark Bougourd

Lisa has successfully treated three athletes in our family, all with very positive results.
— Grant Stenhouse

Fantastic service and knowledge I have already recommended to several friends and colleagues.
— Nick Dotter
I felt compelled to write a testimonial for Lisa Mann after recently receiving physiotherapy from her.  I had major surgery on my feet three months ago which included breaking 8 toes and cutting my calf muscles.  As you can imagine, the recovery has been slow and extremely painful and I really do not think I would have got to the point I am at now without her brilliant treatment.  I cannot recommend this practice enough and she has brought me through an often depressing period due to the surgery to make me appreciate what has been done.  She is a hard task master but it has completely turned my recovery around.
— Keely Hegarty

It’s nice being able to workout in the gym without worrying about my knee and, although I may never chance a game of squash or football, it’s such a difference not being aware of my knee and the discomfort in it, which is the complete opposite to how it was.
— Simon Molloy

I played a full 18 holes of golf…(on foot)…and am still on my feet! Many thanks for your patience and insistence on the various ankle exercises. They worked!
— CL

Once again many thanks for your last session with Ed, you really gave him the confidence to get back to sport, and is now back to pretty much everything! We cannot thank you enough for all the help & support you gave Ed last year after his operation, his recovery really has been excellent.
— Sarah Giles

it was a pleasure to come for my appointment. I was very sceptical physio worked, but I am totally converted.
— Leandra Taylor
fully recovered and back into training...found the Pilates very beneficial.....I continue to do the exercises and keep my core strength up. Thanks very much for your help in my recovery.
— Nick Saunders , Triathlon Performance Solutions

Thanks to Lisa Mann at The Jersey Sports & Spinal Clinic I am pain free. Two “specialists” and two MRI scans failed to find the source of continuous shoulder pain and advised me to take pain relief for the rest of my life, I was only 45. Lisa found the source of the pain in one session, I was fully recovered very quickly and sleeping without disturbance........and am still racing cycles. Eternal thanks.
— C Burrough

Massive thank you for your time Lisa. The pain appears to have ‘gone’ completely and Guernsey match was a success! Thank you again for the lovely way you handled him, the very fact he is still doing stretches reinforces how much you have helped.
— Mandy Marsh

When I walked in to see you on 18 April I really was at a low.  After 4 weeks of being in pain and at times hardly being able to walk, I was really questioning if I could get back running again.  But today I went out and knocked 35 seconds off my parkrun PB!!  My hip felt great, what was tough was my cardio fitness (I had two little walking breaks). So thank you Lisa.  And thank you as well for taking the time to explain the reasons behind my pain and what I need to be doing to hopefully run injury free in future.  You’ve made such a difference and I am so so grateful.
— Laura Storey